Rings of Saturn is a fun and exciting game app for the Apple® iPad mobile digital device, available now from the App Store℠.

Rings of Saturn is a game for 1 to 4 players. Each player commands a fleet of five ships seeking to dock with their home base. The ships can only move forward though, and they must traverse the rings through a series of gates. The goal is to be the first with all ships safely home.

Each player can rotate one ring each turn. You can rotate your ship to an empty gate in the next smaller ring, or you can rotate the gate to the ship. To rotate the ship's ring, select the ship first by touching it. To rotate the gate's ring, select the gate first.

There can be no intervening gates or ships between your ship and your intended destination. Neither the ships outside the rings nor the bases inside the rings can rotate, so the selection order makes no difference when choosing from either of these. Finally, ships attempting to dock at the wrong base are removed back to outside the rings where they must begin the docking sequence anew.

Rings of Saturn


This is how the game begins. The gates are randomly oriented with each new game.

Here is the game after a few turns as the ships head for their bases.

You can turn the music and sound effects on and off. If you choose to listen to your own music instead, the game's music will automatically be turned off. Each of the four colors of ships can be turned on or off, and each can be set to play automatically. Each of the four colors has its own strategy, different from the others.

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